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I saw the light

I lay and praying all day that a sign be shown to me. And that it did I saw last night that a girl was in love with my husband. He talked to me like I should just sit back and let it happen. But all that I have been through has pushed that strong woman to tell me you should not listen to this nonsense. That you should be strong and walk away. 13 years of marriage and it has been gone the drain. It will be hard to fix especially when you have kids sitting down and talking kids. I shall walk through this with my head held high and be strong for me and my family show them that the love was still be there rather if the father and I will still be together.

A lost woman

I close my eyes an say why to myself. I breathe slow and say lord help me walk this path you have pave for me. Show me a sign that everything will be alright. I have been taking classes for so long. 9 months has gone by in the final day is coming up the judge may let them come home and then again he may not. So I say to myself Lord God my eyes and let me see what Journey you have brought to me. When Monday comes I pray to my father that he would show me any sign that I will have good luck if not I will still Stand Tall with my head high and say i will survive. This journey that the Lord has put in front of me to see rather if i can conquer when times get rough I will be that woman that will be no longer lost in her sorrows.

A hurt woman

This is a young lady that has been hurt seen she was 4 year’s old. She watch her mother get abuse every other day by her step dad and had fights with her oldest sister because she felt like she was the mother of her.at the age of 13 the young lady got pregnant by a young man she was deeply in love with her mother an best friend took her to have a abortion. At the age of 17 she had been mentally sexually and physically abuse by her first love. By the age of 20 she was able to break free looking for love she meet a man that she end up having her first child with it was great into he started doing the same thing her first love did to her it last for 2 year’s.the young lady took her 1year old an move to Florida with her sister from her father an still she was looking for love. 2 year’s went by she was lonely an wanted a family she could call her own. The young lady meet a guy he treated her so nice had her beliving everything about him was so real she end up having a beautiful boy for him he turn 2 year’s old an the young man took him. Till this day she still has not seen her son. As time goes by looking high an low back in fourth to the law still no up until one day she meet a man that really love her they got married had another boy an is still together til this day he has been helping her. On October 25 2016 she got a phone call off Facebook it was her son that has been gone since he was 2 telling her to come see him happy with joy her heart was flooder. She got the adress an went to see him that day was his brithday.